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Our Mission: Provide full, accurate, and easily understood analyses of the financial realities affecting the funding and security of our nation's public finance and social insurance programs. These programs include federal, state and local retirement, healthcare and other publically funded social entitlements dependent on long range planning and advance funding.

What We Hope to Achieve: Ensure that the nation's public finance and social insurance programs are designed and managed with the actuarial discipline and transparency such programs deserve and should require.

What We Do: Seek illumination and understanding of and agreement about, the facts affecting the nation's public finance and social insurance programs and their stakeholders.

Share information with nation's public finance and social insurance programs’ stakeholders including beneficiaries, current and future taxpayers and policy makers.

Advocate for rigorous standards, disciplined program costing, management metrics, and transparency.

Directors and Advisors

Concerned Actuaries Group Directors and Advisors have dedicated their time and money to the CAG/CRFB initiative to reform healthcare. Their objective is to assure long-term sustainability, fairness and transparency of the US healthcare system. As experienced actuaries with hundreds of years of combined experience in building and managing insurance/risk organizations, they seek to establish actuarial guide rails to assure the long-term solidity of our national healthcare and retirement programs.


Chair: Robert Shapiro, FSA, retired Founder and President, The Shapiro Network, Inc.

  • Advised the turnaround team at Conseco after it went into bankruptcy (2008)
  • Coordinated the NxtStar team project to assist Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans in combining and forming Thrivent (2002)
  • Facilitated many mutual insurance company mergers (1990-2015)

Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Collett, FSA, CEO, Milliman (retired)

  • Elected the Society Of Actuaries's first Chair of its International Section and its representative on the International Actuarial Association's Advice and Assistance Committee. In this role, helped to provide information and hands-on training to new actuaries and actuarial organizations in Eastern Europe (following the collapse of the Soviet bloc), in Central and South America, and in parts of Asia.
  • As CEO of Milliman, helped lead during the early years of that firm's global expansion and served two terms as chair of its international network of firms.
  • Provided the actuarial advice and support to the Texas Department of Insurance regarding rehabilitation or dissolution of insurance companies which had been placed in conservatorship or receivership due to financial difficulties. 

Health Team Leader: Mark Litow, FSA, Principle, Milliman (retired)

  • Led development of Model and Paper on South African Health Care. Helped build a health care model of the entire country and modeled six scenarios. Paper won an award for paper of the year from the South African Actuarial Society.
  • Published a paper in 1989 on the Modified Development Method for calculating health claim reserves. It won the paper of the year award from SOA and the methodology therein has been used by various companies for many years.
  • Served as International Director of Health for Milliman, during which period, Milliman opened a number of international practices in Europe, Asia, South America and in Latin America. Also served on the SOA Board of Governors during the same time.

Health Care Team: Fred Kilbourne, FSA

  • Developed a scoring model for proposed no-fault auto insurance and extensive expert testimony about its application. Funding by the Ford Foundation and the US Department of Transportation. (1972-73).
  • Helped to set up a Hawaiian risk retention group (California Healthcare Insurance Company) to offer medmal coverage. Has continued to provide ongoing needed actuarial services to the company for the past 28 years.

Health Care Team: Ron Colby, FSA, Founding Partner, Insurex

  • Helped lead UnitedHealth Group to become one of the largest companies in health care by holding a number of positions including CEO of UnitedHealth Group Specialized Care Services, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, and Senior Vice President of UnitedHealthcare Product Management. 
  • Previously Vice President for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and a Member of the Health Association of America (HIAA) Board of Directors.

Director: Gayle Brekke, FSA

  • Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. 
  • Held various actuarial and leadership roles in tenure with Assurant Employee Benefits and Sun Life Financial and has participated on numerous work groups and committees of the SoA and the AAA. 
  • On the advisory committee of the Health Economics Interest Group of AcademyHealth and is currently pursuing her PhD in Health Policy and Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center.


Jay Novik

  • Actively invested in insurance organizations such as NACOLAH Life and Talbot Holdings.
  • Established and ran a number of new companies including Atrium Corp., a reinsurance intermediary, and European International Reinsurance company, a Barbados underwriting company.
  • Privatized and acquired the Texas Worker’s Compensation Facility with approximately $800 million in liabilities, one of the largest and most successful privatizations in the US insurance industry.

Rod Rohda

  • Held senior positions at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and three other large life insurers.
  • Recruited by Fidelity Investments to build a life insurance company from scratch compatible with the dramatic changes taking place in the financial services industry. This company has led the way in popularizing the use of annuities in retirement planning.
  • Oversaw the development of Fidelity’s Charitable Gift Fund and Personal Trust and led their initial development of the High Net Worth business.
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